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PRACTICE DIRECTION 2D – References in the Rules to actions done by the court This Practice Direction supplements CPR Part 2

In the past, where the Rules have provided for an action to be done by the court, they have provided that the court "will" do that action. From and including 1 October 2014, and including amendments coming into force on that date, where an amendment is made to these Rules to insert a new provision or alter an existing one, and that amendment provides for an action to be done by the court, the Rules will generally provide that the court "must" do the action, rather than “will”. This is to make it clearer where an obligation lies with the court to do something. Occasionally in the future, it may still be appropriate to use the word “will”, for example in a statement of future intent, and on those occasions, “will” will be used. This does not affect the meaning of “will” and “must” in the Rules before 1 October 2014.”

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