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Contents of this Part
Title Number
Obtaining further information Rule 18.1
Restriction on the use of further information Rule 18.2

Obtaining further information


(1) The court may at any time order a party to –

(a) clarify any matter which is in dispute in the proceedings; or

(b) give additional information in relation to any such matter,

whether or not the matter is contained or referred to in a statement of case.

(2) Paragraph (1) is subject to any rule of law to the contrary.

(3) Where the court makes an order under paragraph (1), the party against whom it is made must –

(a) file their response; and

(b) serve it on the other parties,

within the time specified by the court.

(Part 22 requires a statement of case, including a response to be verified by a statement of truth)

(Part 53 (defamation) restricts requirements for providing further information about sources of information in defamation claims)

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Restriction on the use of further information


The court may direct that information provided by a party to another party (whether given voluntarily or following an order made under rule 18.1) must not be used for any purpose except for that of the proceedings in which it is given.

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