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Contents of this Part
Title Number
General Rule 60.1
Specialist list Rule 60.2
Application of the Civil Procedure Rules Rule 60.3
Issuing a TCC claim Rule 60.4
Reply Rule 60.5
Case management Rule 60.6
Judgments and Orders Rule 60.7



(1) This Part applies to Technology and Construction Court claims (‘TCC claims’).

(2) In this Part and Practice Direction 60 –

(a) ‘TCC claim’ means a claim which –

(i) satisfies the requirements of paragraph (3); and

(ii) has been issued in or transferred into the specialist list for such claims;

(b) ‘Technology and Construction Court’ means any court in which TCC claims are dealt with in accordance with this Part or Practice Direction 60; and

(c) ‘TCC judge’ means any judge authorised to hear TCC claims.

(3) A claim may be brought as a TCC claim if –

(a) it involves issues or questions which are technically complex; or

(b) a trial by a TCC judge is desirable.

(Practice Direction 60 gives examples of types of claims which it may be appropriate to bring as TCC claims.)

(4) TCC claims include all official referees' business referred to in section 68(1)(a) of the Supreme Court Act 19811.

(5) TCC claims will be dealt with:

(a) in a Technology and Construction Court; and

(b) by a TCC judge, unless –

(i) this Part or Practice Direction 60 permits otherwise, or

(ii) a TCC judge directs otherwise.

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Specialist list


(1) TCC claims form a specialist list.

(2) A judge will be appointed to be the judge in charge of the TCC specialist list.

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Application of the Civil Procedure Rules


These Rules and their practice directions apply to TCC claims unless this Part or a practice direction provides otherwise.

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Issuing a TCC claim


A TCC claim must be issued in –

(a) the High Court in London;

(b) a district registry of the High Court; or

(c) the County Court hearing centre specified in Practice Direction 60.

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Part 15 (Defence and Reply) applies to TCC claims with the modification to rule 15.8 that the claimant must –

(a) file any reply to a defence; and

(b) serve it on all other parties;

within 21 days after service of the defence.

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Case management


(1) All TCC claims are treated as being allocated to the multi-track and Part 26 does not apply.

(2) Part 29 and Practice Direction 29 apply to the case management of TCC claims, except where they are varied by or inconsistent with Practice Direction 60.

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Judgments and Orders


(1) Except for orders made by the court of its own initiative and unless the court otherwise orders, every judgment or order made in claims proceeding in the Technology and Construction Court will be drawn up by the parties, and rule 40.3 is modified accordingly.

(2) An application for a consent order must include a draft of the proposed order signed on behalf of all the parties to whom it relates.

(3) Rule 40.6 (consent judgments and orders) does not apply.

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1. 1981 c.54.Return to footnote 1
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