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White Book Updating Service



Civil Procedure Forms

New forms and notes available in PDF & RTF format (now available to download)

The following forms have recently been amended or introduced. A zip file containing the forms listed below in PDF & RTF format is available by clicking here. The zip file is up-to-date to 1st April and includes all rtfs.

Changes in relation to costs reforms

N258 – Request for Detailed/ Provisional assessment (amended)
N260 – Statement of costs summary assessment (amended)
N263 - Disclosure report (new)

Costs Precedents

Precedent A, Precedent F, Precedent G, Precedent H, Precedent J, Precedent K, Precedent L, Precedent M, Precedent P

In relation to introduction of Directions Questionnaires

N180 – Directions Questionnaire (Small Claims Track) new
N181 – Directions Questionnaire (Fast and Multi-Track) new
(nb: N149, N150, N151 will be phased out)

Changes to Appeal forms

N161 – Appeals Notice (amended)
N161A – Appeals guidance (amended)

Changes in relation to Aarhus Convention Claims:

N461 – Judicial Review claim form (amended)
N461 – Notes (amended)
N462 – Judicial Review Acknowledgment of Service (amended)

Changes in relation to introduction of the Legal Aid Agency

EX80A – Legal Aid/Legal Aid Agency Assessment Certificate (amended)
N9B – Defence and counterclaim (amended)

Other amended forms

N1 – Claim Form
N149A – Notice of Proposed Allocation to the Small Claims Track
N149B – Notice of Proposed Allocation to the Fast Track
N149C – Notice of Proposed Allocation to the Multi Track
N463 – Judicial Review, Application for urgent consideration
U1 – Undertaking by a Solicitor on behalf of the Claimants
U2 – Undertaking by a member and director of the Company or a creditor thereof

The 2013 White Book and Special Supplement on the Civil Justice Reforms publish on 27th March. New and revised forms will continue to be added to the White Book Updating Service via: